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Our Staff

Lindsey Howard


Rachael Morrison

Associate Director

Candace Gilliam

Action Card Technology Manager

Courtney Petrizzi

Action Card Services Specialist

Janiece Dixon

Accountant I

Will Hunter

Action Card Technician II

John Stabler

Action Card Technician II

Terry Brown

Action Card Technician I


The Action Card is a service provider to The University of Alabama community for efficient, effective and innovative campuswide credential solutions for a variety of both on and off campus operations including academic, student life, financial, access and identification.

Core Values

  • Continuous improvement
  • Service and commitment to
    campus and campus partners
  • Agile and adaptable
  • Efficiency and effectiveness


The Action Card will be known as the campus community‚Äôs key to its diverse, everyday needs including programs beyond the physical boundaries of campus, while also monitoring new and emerging technological solutions and offering enhanced service solutions, providing The University of Alabama community with safe, secure campuswide credential capabilities. The Action Card will serve as a central point for management of numerous campus card privileges to ensure an agile and adaptable customer experiences.