Preferred Name Policy for Action Card Production

Student, Faculty and Staff will have their Legal Name, as designated in Banner, printed on their Action Card unless they specifically opt for Preferred Name, as designated in Banner, at the time they request their first or replacement Action Card.  Areas of card usage could potentially be impacted by the cardholder opting to select Preferred Name, please see below

Preferred Name Impact Statement

By selecting the preferred name option, you could be limiting your Action Card usage. State of Alabama voting sites, for example, may not accept your Action Card as proof of identification when voter registration rolls contain your legal name. It is advisable to carry a government-issued form of ID such as a driver’s license or passport with you in order to access resources that are not on The University of Alabama campus or to assist law enforcement in public safety matters. On campus, examples of where your legal name are necessary include, but are not limited to, financial aid documents, payroll, official transcripts, diplomas, and federal immigration documents. The University of Alabama is not responsible for limits placed on your Action Card usage at on and off-campus locations due to your selection of preferred name.


For online requests for the Preferred Name option, the cardholder will need to select the Preferred Name option on the Online Photo Submittal site. For in-person requests for Preferred Name option, the cardholder will check the Preferred Name option on the New or Replacement Action Card form in the Action Card Business Office.  The cardholder cannot select or list a different Preferred Name option at the time of the card production request.  Cardholders choosing the preferred name option will not have their middle name printed on the Action Card.

The cardholder Preferred Name option is only what is currently listed in Banner and imported to the Action Card cardholder database. For new or current students seeking to make the change to be identified by preferred name instead of legal name, follow these steps:

  • Login to your myBama account
  • Click on Student Tab
  • View under Banner Self Service Box
  • Open Personal Information Folder
  • Update Preferred Name and Pronoun Form
  • Enter the preferred name and submit 

The University reserves the right to remove a preferred name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language.

Action Card Fees associated with the policy of Preferred Name Option:

  • First time requests for an Action Card by an eligible cardholder will include the Preferred Name option – No charge
  • Requests for replacement for lost Action Cards will include the Preferred Name option and the standard $35 card replacement fee
  • Requests for replacement Action Cards due to the cardholder’s preference to (1) change the printed name from a Legal to Preferred or (2) changing from a Prior Preferred Name in Banner to New Preferred Name in Banner will include the standard $35 card replacement fee per request