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Getting Started:

Student using Apple watch to access door

Action Card in Apple Wallet Requirements

Action Card Account Student confirmed term enrollment for Main Campus status
Or Active employment status
UA myBama login account Active status
UA DUO account Active status
iPhone iPhone 6, iPhone6 Plus or later
iOS 12 or later
Apple Watch Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2 or later
watchOS 5 or later
Apple ID Signed into iCloud. If two devices used, both must be signed into same iCloud account.
eAccounts mobile app Loaded from the Apple App Store


Adding Your Action Card to  iPhone and Apple Watch:  

Screenshot of eAccounts on iPhone
How to add Action Card to Apple Wallet on the iPhone

How to add Action Card to new iPhone

How to add Action Card to Apple Watch

The recent release of iOS 12.2 for Apple iPhones disables Express Mode. Express Mode for both iPhone and Watch allows you to use your mobile card at a reader without a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID for iPhone7 or higher.

To re-enable Express Mode after OS upgrade, open Apple Wallet, select Campus ID card, select the back of card, toggle Express Mode off and then back on. Express Mode should work correctly now.