Welcome to UA’s Action Card Photo Submission Application

Registered for your Bama Bound session?  Submit your photo now online for your official student ID card, the Action Card.

Why submit online?

Quick tips when submitting your photo:

  1.  Be sure that photos are not in “live” mode.
  2. Photos that are too big will display a message stating the photo cannot be greater than 2MB, please crop the photo until it is just around your face and re-submit.
  3. Photos that are too small will display a message stating the photo must be greater than 300KB.  Try taking a photo using the rear-facing camera and re-submitting.

If you continue having problems uploading a photo, please contact the Action Card office.  Email or call 205-348-2288 or 1-800-474-2288

*Heavily filtered photos will not be accepted (i.e. Snapchat).

** Filters will also affect the size of the photo.

  • One business day after you get your photo submission approval email you will be able to add your Act Card to your iPhone and Apple Watch even if your orientation is not until later on.  Instructions for adding Act Card in Apple Wallet.
  • Pick-up of your Action Card at orientation will be quick and easy.
  • You will save time and effort during your orientation visit because you will not have to wait in line to have your photo made and the card produced at our office across campus.
  • You will need your Action Card immediately for the start of the Fall term for dining services, check-in, door access, facility entrance, and so much more.

Submit a photo now meeting criteria and your Action Card will be printed and available for pick-up on Day 1.
Photos must be submitted at least one full business day prior to your Bama Bound session.
You are highly encouraged to submit a photo online. Not submitting in advance will require you to visit our office across campus in the Campus Drive Deck to have your photo made and the card produced.
Your Action Card proclaims you as a member of the UA community and is your key to access essential campus services. You will be required to show an official government-issued photo ID when you pick-up your card.

Ready to submit your photo? To login you will need your myBama user name and password. All communications will be sent to your UA crimson email account. Be sure to check your crimson email account to verify the status of your Action Card.

LOGIN  or read our FAQ for more information