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Fall balances in Dining Dollars carry over to the Spring. Any unspent funds remaining in Dining Dollars after Summer will be transferred to the cardholders Bama Cash account. Students who do not wish to use Bama Cash can request that the unspent balance be credited to their student account at the Office of Student Accounts. Requests for credit from cardholders of unspent Bama Cash account funds will be accepted after April 15th and processed only after the last day of published final examinations for the spring semester if the cardholder was enrolled in the Spring semester. If the cardholder was enrolled for Fall semester only, requests for credit will be accepted after December 1 and processed after the last day to late register for the Spring semester or after the cardholder graduates, officially withdraws, is administratively withdrawn, suspended or leaves the University. Proof of withdrawal, graduation, administrative withdrawal, or suspension is required prior to processing a request for credit at any time in the term other than the end of Spring semester. Credits on Action Card accounts for Dining Dollars and Bama Cash are processed when the account balance is $1 or more and a written request for credit is submitted. When a request is received, any unspent funds are forwarded to The Office of Student Account Services and credited against any outstanding amounts on the cardholder’s account. You may contact the Office of Student Account Services for further details about your refund.

Refunds will be processed through your UA student financial account in accordance with the Student Account Services refund policyStudents must:

  • Set up direct deposit via your student financial account on the Refund tab
  • Verify/update their contact information via the student tab in myBama and opening the “Update Addresses and Phones” button in the Student Academic Services panel. 



*Credit Request submissions for STUDENTS GRADUATING will not be accepted until 1 month prior to graduation.
*Credit Request submissions for END-OF-SCHOOL YEAR will not be accepted until April of the current school year.

Credit Request Form - Dining Dollars and Bama Cash